Planning and Designing exceptional outdoor environments.

Abbaté Designs creates outdoor places that people want to be.  Places of beauty, ecological function, and health.  Places for contemplation, recreation, sitting, running, playing.  Places for community and places for solitude. Led by Mike Abbaté, we listen to you, and then creatively imagine the outdoor environment that you want and need.


Our experience is broad, so we offer a wide variety of services.  At a community scale, we help envision the possibilities of projects by helping to facilitate strong planning and community engagement processes.  With a solid background in parks and recreation, we bring over 30 years of experience to the planning, designing and constructing of public and private amenities that are places for memorable experiences. We also have a special sensitivity that we bring to the design of  memorials and monuments.


At the residential and commercial scales, we handcraft landscapes that are reflective of their owners.  No two of us are the same, so you may want a space for parties and games; a place of quiet contemplation, meditation or prayer; a pool or spa that also serves as a beautiful fountain; a garden pavilion that also provides storage; a restored natural area that supports native flora or fauna; or something else completely unique to you.  We partner with the best landscape artisans and technicians in the field to ensure that your constructed landscape is a delight for decades to come.

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